Kia Ora Leabank School Community

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Term 3 Leabank Primary School 2020

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whanau,

We look forward to Alert Level 2 when we can open fully as a school. As the Prime Minister stated yesterday when schools do open in Alert Level 2, schools are safe environments for children, young people and staff.

If you do not intend to send your child to school under Alert Level 2 on the 31st of August you will need to advise the school as soon as possible.  Online Learning will cease as our teachers focus will once again be on teaching in the classroom.

When school opens, all Digital Learning materials must be returned to school.  Our playgrounds will be open, students will be able to use and share equipment and all classes will be cleaned daily.  All students will be expected to sanitise regularly throughout the day.  Any child who is unwell will be sent home.

There will be changes in how the start and end of the day will be organised. These will begin as soon as you return to school on Monday 31st August.


All students will be met at the school gate. If parents need to go to the office please make an appointment so that we are able to contact trace as requested by the Ministry of Health. A reminder that students cannot be at school prior to 8.15 am unless they are in Skids. A teacher will be at the gate to welcome them. Classes start at 8.55 am which means students should be at school by 8.50 am at the latest so that they are ready for the 8.55 am start. The gates will be locked and unattended from 9.00 am
Students who walk home from school will be released at the earlier time of 2:45pm. The road patrol will be in place for this. Teachers will deliver students to the school gates at 2:55pm for parents picking children up by car. Students waiting for older siblings will be supervised in the playground and brought to the front gate at 3:05pm for pick up. It is important that caregivers wait at the gate and are on time for these pickups. We must limit adults on the school site to those on official business and can be contact traced if necessary.
There will be no team or school assemblies in Term 3.
Skids are hoping to open when we, as a school open. More information about before and after school care with sKids will be sent out as soon as it is available.

Please join me in thanking our incredible staff for their excellent work in connecting, teaching and dedication to our students during this time. I’m sure there will be many questions you have when we open fully at Alert 2. I ask that you give us a few weeks to re-establish routines and structure as we merge into a post-Lockdown Auckland.


Nga Mihi

RW Maddren

COVID-19 ALERT LEVEL 3 UPDATE – 19/08/2020

UPDATE:  Chrome Book Learning From Home-LETTER

Dear Parents,

As a result of the new outbreak of COVID-19 in the community, our school will be closed under Alert Level 3.  For the remainder of this week, school staff will be working from home apart from those cleaning the school premises.

Teachers will be contacting children online where possible and maybe contacting you by telephone. We hope that this will only last for this week but are awaiting advice from the Ministries of Health and Education. We will update the information on our website as we get more information.

At this stage we are planning for a return to online learning next week should the Level 3 Alert be extended and also to implement our Level 2 procedures should we be able to reopen next week.

Please follow Health Care advice so that we can all get through this safely and get back to a more normal life.


Ngā mihi,
R Maddren

FREE N4L safety filter for all students

Parents can set up the filter on their child’s learning devices from home. Clear instructions on how to do this can be found at switchonsafety.co.nz.

The free N4L safety filter (by global cyber-security leader, Akamai) blocks websites containing known cyber threats like phishing scams, malicious content and viruses, while also protecting children from content inappropriate for young eyes (like adult sites).

Please remember that technology is not a silver bullet and the filter is best used in combination with Netsafe’s online parent safety toolkit.


Ngā mihi,
The Ministry of Education, N4L and Netsafe
Your Online Safety Team



Portrait and sibling photos will be taken on Wednesday 5th August at 9:00 am.  PhotoLife envelopes can be collected from the office.  Your child’s photo will only be taken if you return a prepaid envelope to school before the photo date.  Please make sure you put the CORRECT amount of change in your child’s envelope.  If you would like a sibling photo you can collect the sibling envelopes from the school office.  Please note that the photographer will be taking the sibling photos first before taking the individual photos, so be here early.