Alert Level 3

21st April 2020 

Leabank School Partial Re-opening: Alert Level 3 

Dear Parents and Whanau of our Leabank School Community, 

Yesterday the government announced that we are re-entering Alert Level 3 at 11.59 pm on Monday 27th April. We will look at partially reopening Leabank School for the children of essential workers only. In order to make an informed decision, we need to know the number of students we would need to partially re-open for. 

We need to consider the availability of staff who are able to work on-site and not compromise their health or the health of those in their bubble. We also need to take into account that all our teachers will continue running Distance Learning programmes and the other additional duties they have at this time. This includes the welfare and health of their own children. 

As parents and whanau you need to clearly understand that we cannot enforce physical distancing rules. With the reduction of available staff, and leading Distance Learning, we will not be organising a usual school day and we will not be ‘teaching’ a usual school programme. The size of the bubble will depend on the availability of staff and spaces. Supervising staff will include teacher aides and relievers. Students who are at school will do the Distance Learning programme or what they can manage. The priority of the teaching staff will be Distance Learning. 

If students were to be in school, they would be in classes of mixed ages within a ‘School Bubble’. Siblings will stay together. Bubbles will need to stay in the rooms they are delegated. They will not be allowed in the playgrounds or to use play or sports equipment. When they have an online class they will have to join it from within their bubble environment. There will be some crossover of bubbles when using toilet facilities. 

The school will be fully cleaned down prior to the open date. Distance Learning will continue with a move to some formalised lessons for students in years 4-6. Another pack of learning materials will be sent home to families which are more differentiated for students. 

Parents who need to have their children at school because they are an essential worker will need to drop off and pick up children at the school gate at the times allocated. No parents or whanau will be able to enter the school site. Mr Maddren or other senior staff will be at the gate to manage this. The number of students at school will determine the hours we will be open. 

Our builders will be on site resuming work on building projects. At Alert Level 3 we would prefer all students to be at home and to be safe. We understand that there are parents who identify as essential workers, and we ask where possible to make other arrangements to restrict overlapping so many bubbles. If you are unable to, then we are here for you as much as we can be. 

We acknowledge how difficult this time is for many homes and that your children may be getting bored and just want to see their friends. This is not the reason for you to send children to school. It is only if you are an essential worker with no other option. 

If parents are needing to send students to school because they are an essential worker with no other child care options, can you please email us directly by Wednesday 22nd April 5pm ( ). If we do not hear from you then we will assume your child is learning from home or you have made other arrangements. The names of students needing to attend will be on our Alert Level 3 register. Students not on this register will not be able to attend. This will be maintained so we can inform the Ministry who is on-site, staffing and for contact tracing purposes. Students will not be able to attend if they are unwell at all. 

Once we have organised our Alert Level 3 register and school bubbles, those families who have replied will be contacted on Thursday 23rd April with the times and date school will be partially reopened to assist them. 

Remember as our Prime Minister has announced: “If you can keep your children at home, then please do so.” We are all doing so well, I am so proud of the way we have come together as a community during this international pandemic, and we do not underestimate how difficult things can be or will be at times. 

Please be safe.


Rex Maddren